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  • 我是 林耀暉,一名充满热诚的专业游泳教练联络号码 9101 1051 。我也是 新加坡体育总会认证的 游泳和 射击教练。


  • 协助成人与孩童克服对水的恐惧以及迅速掌握游泳技能是我的教学方针。


  • 我希望大家在生动,安全与充满欢乐的前提下,尽情的享受水中乐趣。


  • 或非常欢迎~致电, 微信 WechatWhatsApp SMS 给我 林耀暉,这是我的新加坡手机号码 9101 1051  



Our Coaches focus on having a buddy programme tailored for each individual.

Beneficial →  Research has shown that participating in sports can have a huge impact on our emotional and mental health. We bring fun back into sports, and at the same time, allow targeted learning of skills that will boost self-confidence and esteem.

Unique →  Our programme is based on the concept of having a BUDDY.
– A buddy is someone who brings you joy and companionship.
– A buddy is also someone you can trust.
– We will be your buddies in your learning journey here with us.

Directed →  Our dedicated BUDDY coaches believe in progressive learning. We follow structured lessons that have clear objectives and outcomes.

Dynamic →  We do not believe in one-size fits all approach. All sports programmes here will be conducted in small groups to allow for customisation. Students will get to learn at their own pace to achieve success in sports.

You →  We promise that you will:
– Have a sports buddy in us
– Never be bored during our classes
– Come to class with a smile
– End class with a smile

Your Buddy in Sports ~ Coach Ling Yao Hui : 9101-1048

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